Journey to Wellness Art Show

Dear architects and contractors,

This will seem an unusual request from our local NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness) affiliate.  Our annual art event will be held on March 11th in Ketchum and we need your help.  It is a fundraiser to help us continue to provide a multitude of programs and services that we offer to the community and even add new programs where and when we can.  For example, we have just begun a “Positive Self-Expression Program” in the Blaine County Jail to work with inmates in changing attitudes and harmful lifestyle behaviors.

Our “Journey to Wellness Event” this year is focusing on a specific group of young people that we’ve started and support in the local high school and middle school.  The ‘Blue Birds’ are very effective peer groups for helping our youth deal with anxiety and depression of varying degree.  Anti-bullying and Stigma-Free are slogans that we use to describe some of our active input.  The Art Show will have the theme of ‘Birds’ in keeping with the groups’ name, Blue Birds.

We are asking you and others in many forms of creative construction work in the Valley to help us in designing birdhouses for display and sale  You build them, we will do the rest in getting them decorated and painted.  We would like to get at least half the total made by late January 21, and the second deadline is February 15, so that the schools can decorate them with the remainder to be completed by the Senior Connection in February.

Please try to make at least one birdhouse for us in whatever style and size you like.  Creativity is a big plus!  You are more than welcome to contact us with any questions you may have.

Kind regards,

NAMI-Wood River Valley board of directors


NAMI-WRV “Journey To Wellness” Art Show committee, Poo Wright Pulliam, Marie Stewart, Kirk Anderson, and David Rau, cordially invite you to participate in this year’s

art show to end the stigma in our community.

Monday, March 11, 2019, from 5:30-7:30pm at the KIC building

NAMI-WRV is a non-profit organization committed to improving the lives of people with mental illness by providing education, support, and advocacy. NAMI assists crisis support, public awareness events and activities to talk about healthy habits and end the stigma of mental conditions. At NAMI-WRV we work hard to bring this work to our community to make our community and Idaho a better place to live. In May of 2017 NAMI sponsored its first ever Art Event, “Starry Night” The show was a resounding success. This year we intend to build and expand on this success by including many more of our local artists.

As part of our StigmaFree program, and the “Journey to Wellness” art show, we invite all artists in our valley to contribute a work of art.  Health and Wellness is NAMI’s focus for this campaign. Please consider creating a work of art in your chosen medium that suggests or manifests ideas about mental illness, health, and wellness.

This year’s concept is birds, representing our teen support groups theme “Sometimes when you’re feeling down and blue, remember you will fly”. Our official song is “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah, What a wonderful day, Plenty of sunshine, coming my way”. We are asking for donations in any medium, even birdhouses will be welcome… pink flamingos and bird wing sculptures are splendid…or whatever your creative mind can think of. We will also accept any donation that you choose to contribute to the silent auction, on Monday, March 11 at the KIC building in Ketchum.


NAMI is committed to breaking down barriers and moving beyond stigma. We hope you will be part of this extraordinary happening.   All funds raised from this event will go towards NAMI’s four ongoing support groups or services in the Wood River Valley. All NAMI programs are free to the public.

For more information on our art show, please contact the NAMI office 208-481-0686, or go to, for more information on Bluebirds, please go to:

Check out the pictures from the 2018 Journey to Wellness Art show below.



Marc Longley, Alicia

Anonymous, Always Face The Sun

Kirk Anderson, Lone Aspen

Andrea Bradley

Tami Burrell, Sun Valley, Idaho



Poo Wright-Pulliam, From Darkness To Light

Madeline Mills, Fantasy Cruise Ship

Marie Stewart, “Healing Heart Mandala”

Marie Stewart, “Healing Heart Mandala”

Marie Stewart, “Healing Heart Mandala”

Marie Stewart, “Healing Heart Mandala”









Thank YOU to everyone that attended, and donated, to the
















NAMI “Starry Night” Art Show for Mental Health Awareness Month in 2017. We had over 150 people guests and raised nearly $14,000 for the FREE support groups and programs in the Wood River Valley.