Connection Training

NAMI Idaho Peer Connections Facilitator Training

This state-wide training will take place in Wood River Valley, in Hailey, Idaho, on May 2 & 3 (TBD).  Requirements are that you currently attend the support group (or are interested in participating in one) and would like to take more of a leadership role and facilitate the meeting on a rotational basis. In our support groups, participants can openly share with each other the challenges of living with chronic mental illness or loving someone who has a serious mental illness.

  • NAMI Connection: Individuals Living with a Mental Health Challenge

Scholarships for the training will be considered on an as-need basis. We are currently seeking sponsorships and full scholarships may be available closer to the time of the registration deadline.   To find out more information, please contact your local affiliate, and current group facilitator to see if you’d be a good candidate. You can also email or 208-481-0686.

Connections Facilitator Training is a two-day program that teaches basic facilitator skills to guide you in becoming trained at leading mental health support groups through your local NAMI affiliate. You will be given the tools and communication styles that will help you navigate various group conditions that may occur. Upon completion of training, you will be able to facilitate a successful support group. With the support of your local affiliate and this training, you will find success and a sense of purpose through facilitating support groups at the affiliate level and help many individuals gain a sense of support.

Nature and Purpose
NAMI Connection Recovery Support Group Program is a peer-based, mutual support group model.  The vision is that every person in this country who lives with a mental illness will have, within reasonable driving distance, a NAMI Connection Recovery Support Group to attend.  Wanting to support other consumers in their recovery is the ultimate qualification for becoming a facilitator.  Connection facilitators are guides and sympathizers.

Responsibilities of Facilitators:

  • The primary responsibility is to facilitate a recovery support group to other consumers in their area.
  • Trained consumers (Connection Facilitators) will co-facilitate a weekly 90-minute session in a 2-person facilitation team. MUST commit to at least one year of service.
  • Facilitators will also serve as key participants in the planning process involved in outreach for the group and be working with other affiliate members in the organization, publicity, etc.
  • Facilitators will encourage participants to join NAMI and become advocates themselves.
  • Weekly, or monthly, preparations for the group include a review of materials, set up, and clean up. Be prepared to arrive early to set up before the group.  Responsible for bringing all materials to the session.
  • Must agree to keep confidential all information expressed in the group.

Qualifications of Connection Facilitators:

  • Be a member of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)
  • Have a mental illness
  • Strong commitment to NAMI and supporting other consumers dealing with the mental illness
  • Responsible and good organizational skills
  • The desire to facilitate and committed to fidelity to the support group model as it is written
  • Comfortable leading groups from 1 to 20
  • A willingness to dig in and approach the major topics of the group
  • A willingness to share one’s own lived experience
  • Strong commitment to providing a safe place for family members to confront the challenges of mental illness in the family, regardless of diagnosis.