Ribbon Page

Displaying ribbons for causes has become a widely used way for organizations and individuals to show support for various causes. The effort, most commonly used to show support for our troops abroad, has also been adopted by NAMI to show support for those who’ve now returned home and struggle with the after-effects of their service or others who, often silently, face any number of mental health conditions. In fact, as many as 1-in-5 families in the Wood River Valley struggle with some form of mental illness.

We invite our community leaders to show their support for these community members by pledging to be Stigmafree and posting a ribbon in a storefront or highly trafficked area (there is a suggested donation of $25-50 per ribbon).

Mental health has its own observance for the month of May, Mental Health Month as well as in October for Mental Illness Awareness Week and World Mental Health Day. All of these celebrations raise awareness, help to combat stigma, and raise funds for the populations they honor.