RX Assistance

RX Patient Assistance Programs
Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs) provide help getting medications free or at reduced cost. In general, there are income limits and patients cannot have health insurance that pays for prescriptions.

PhRMA Member Companies
A list of drug companies that offer Rx  PAPs         
Needy Meds                         

Free Medications
Pharmaceutical Companies  800 Phone Number Brand Name website.www. Generic Name
Bristol-Myers Squibb 1.800.736.0003 Abilify none Aripiprazole
Express Scripts 1.800.769.3880 Ativan rxoutreach.com Lorazepam
Express Scripts 1.800.769.3880 BuSpar rxoutreach.com Buspirone
Pfizer 1.866.706.2400 Calan pfizerhelpfulanswers.com Verapimil
Forest Pharaceuticals 1.800.851.0758 Celexa forestpharm.com Citalopram
Novartis Pharmaceuticals 1.800.277.2254 Clozaril pharma.us.novartis.com Clozapine
Johnson & Johnson 1.800.652.6227 Concerta jjpaf.org Methylphenidate
Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals 1.800.545.6962 Cymbalta lillycares.com Duloxetine
Abbott PAP 1.800.222.6885 Depakote abbott.com Divalproex Sodium
Wyeth 1.800.568.9939 Effexor wyeth.com Venlafaxine
Validus Pharmaceuticals 1.866.982.5438 Equetro equetro.com Carbamazepine
Express Scripts 1.800.769.3880 Eskalith rxoutreach.com Lithium
Pfizer 1.866.706.2400 Geodon pfizerhelpfulanswers.com Ziprasidone
Johnson & Johnson 1.800.652.6227 Haldol jjpaf.org Haloperidol
Express Scripts 1.800.769.3880 Klonopin rxoutreach.com Clonazepam
Glaxo Smith Klein 1.866.728.4368 Lamictal bridgestoaccess.com Lamotrigine
Forest Pharmaceuticals 1.800.851.0758 Lexapro forestpharm.com Escitalopram
Pfizer 1.866.706.2400 Navane pfizerhelpfulanswers.com Thiothixene
Pfizer 1.866.706.2400 Neurontin pfizerhelpfulanswers.com Gabapentin
Glaxo Smith Klein 1.866.728.4368 Paxil bridgestoaccess.com Paroxetine
Xubex Pharmaceuticals 1.866.699.8239 Prolixin xubex.com Fluphenazine
Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals 1.800.545.6962 Prozac lillycares.com Fluoxetine
Johnson & Johnson 1.800.652.6227 Risperdal jjpaf.org Risperidone
Schering-Plough 1.800.656.9485 Safris rxassist.org Asenapine
AstraZeneca PAP 1.800.292.6363 Seroquel astrazeneca-us.com Quetiapine
Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals 1.800.545.6962 Strattera lillycares.com Atomoxetine
Johnson & Johnson 1.800.652.6227 Topomax jjpaf.org Topiramate
Express Scripts 1.800.769.3880 Valium rxoutreach.com Diazepam
Glaxo Smith Klein 1.866.728.4368 Wellbutrin bridgestoaccess.com Bupropion
Express Scripts 1.800.769.3880 Xanax rxoutreach.com Alprazolam
Pfizer 1.866.706.2400 Zoloft pfizerhelpfulanswers.com Sertraline
Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals 1.800.545.6962 Zyprexa lillycares.com Olanzapine